For the safely of our Fighters and in following the CDC COVID-19 guidelines, all group classes have been canceled until further notice. RSBSD will update all Fighters on any changes. To keep our Fighters active, we are emailing daily workouts to all Fighters during this time.

Rock Steady Boxing San Diego is the next step after the diagnostic of PD.

Our program is designed to slow down the progression of the disease by blending the best researched exercise techniques for Parkinson's into each class. 



"I have been attending for two years and five months now and this is what I know today to be better with me. I have never been felt so good in my life and been this strong. My balance is good now and my heart rate is low and I have lost 20 pounds. my doctor says I am in very good heath. I feel like my PD is not getting worse at all. I am so happy to be apart of RSBSD and I am so thankful for you." Thanks for you dedication to me. M.F.

"In my book most of the credit should go to you and your coaching team. We are so lucky to have found you. Your version of Rock Steady is nothing less than a miracle, without which fighting Parkinson's would be a nightmare. Thank you and bless you and your team for buying us more time, giving us hope and boosting our quality of life until more medical break troughs are found."


"I  know I feel much better when I’m exercising. Most activities involving physical movement minimize or stops my tremor and stiffness; whether I’m working in the garden, preparing food, or washing dishes but working on the computer does not .

I can’t thank you and all the coaches enough for working together to create a program that helps to minimize our symptoms and to delay the progression of the disease!"





Founder/Owner Rock Steady Boxing San Diego established 2014

International Sports Science Association Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy and

Certified Fitness Trainer 2011

Boxing Fitness Institute Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer 2012

PWR!MOVE (Parkinson's Wellness Recovery) Certified Instructor 2018

Brian Grant Foundation Certified Exercise for Parkinson's 2018

American Parkinson's Disease Foundation  Certified PD Awareness for Fitness Professional 2018 


 I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada and attended the University of Sherbrooke ,where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Education. I moved to San Francisco, California in 1997 and to San Diego in 2000.

      In 2014, I became the first Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach in San Diego and, in order for me to provide the best class for my fighters, I studied with the Boxing Fitness Institute.

​       I am always researching on how to improve our program, It's clear how much intense induce exercise helps to slow down the progression of the disease.

       Since January 2018, I became a PWR!Moves certified instructor and have been working very hard to blend those 2 wonderful programs to FIGHT BACK even more stronger Parkinson Disease. We are changing lives every single day!

 In our gym, Fighters and Coaches start every day with a "Let's Do This" attitude. I love my job!


What could be more intimidating than walking into a boxing gym full of strangers?  Not much but after one class at Rock Steady Boxing, you realize you’re hooked. Not only do you get in better shape, but you meet new friends who really understand you, motivate you, support you and in my case dance with you. I bring the music and the dancing just follows.


I decided to get involved with Rock Steady SD when a close family member was diagnosed with PD.  I am fortunate to help some of the most interesting people every day.  From the Performer who was in 10 major Broadway shows, to the Athlete who did 42 Marathons and 2 Ultra-marathons, to the engineers, doctors, teachers, veterans, entrepreneurs & fantastic mom’s and dad’s, my job is never boring.  



“After I retired, I was searching for something where I could take my passion for fitness/wellness to help others.  Read this fascinating article in the paper about this unique boxing program that helps people with Parkinson’s so I went out that same day to check it out.  That’s where I met Marylene who was opening the first Rock Steady program here in San Diego…we’ve been working together ever since!” 


“Spend 1 day in the gym with our fighters and you realize how impactful this program is not only physically, but emotionally….we are 1 big family!!”

Victor Rosas


I heard about Rock Steady Boxing on a 60 minutes program shortly after my husband’s diagnosis in May 2015.  This sounded like a great program for him so he started classes before the end of the year.  Head coach Marylene’s enthusiasm and passion for this program and the fighters that she serves is so contagious that I wanted to be a part in helping them.  I began volunteering in 2016 with two classes a week and earned my coaching certificate shortly thereafter. I don’t see Parkinson’s at our gym but fighters who work hard everyday to improve their daily lives.  We also have a monthly support group for the care partners of the fighters, which is proving very beneficial to those of us who attend.  GO ROCK STEADY!  “You don’t lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down.” Muhammad Ali

Dennis Evans

I was first introduced to Rock Steady Boxing San Diego in 2016, physical fitness and wellness has always been my passion. I remember the first day I stepped into the gym, the enthusiasm and passion of the coaches and the competitive spirit and camaraderie of the fighters was absolutely awesome! At that point I knew Rock Steady Boxing SD was the perfect fit for me. Rock Steady Boxing SD transforms lives and provides hope and I am grateful to be a part of this gym. “Never stop! Never quit! Never give up! Fight! Fight! Fight! ”

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319 East Valley Parkway

Escondido, CA 92025

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The County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency (HHSA)
North County Regions is proud to partner with Rock Steady Boxing San Diego on Live Well San Diego.





Our program  is unique because we incorporate the most current scientifically result proven exercise methods exclusively for people with PD. 

  • Parkinson Wellness Recovery, PWR!MOVES,



  • American Parkinson Disease Association,(APDA)

  • Brian Grant Foundation, 


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Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9:30am- 11:00am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


*Assessment needed before starting

Tuesday, Thursday

9:30 am-11:00 am

Monday, Wednesday, Friday


*Assessment needed before starting


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